Wurst 1.8 Download Mega


New Features:

  • Mega Pro Support (Prerelease! Use with caution!)
  • First Generation i3 Mega Support (The one with only one Z Endstop)
  • Cleaner Mesh-Leveling sub menu with 'start' and 'save' functions
  • Flow Rate control in % (before SD print or while printing from USB)
  • Support for BondTech BMG Extruder (enable with KNUTWURST_BMG flag)
  • New naming scheme for .hex files (see Download section)

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  • Build Error on Windows regarding max path length
  • BLTouch is more reliable with a max deviation of now 10mm

Wurst 1.8 Download Mega Download



Wurst Client Download 1.8

  • MEGA_1G_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex375 KB
  • MEGA_1G_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex375 KB
  • MEGA_1G_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex375 KB
  • MEGA_1G_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex375 KB
  • MEGA_1G_TMC_v1.1.6.hex342 KB
  • MEGA_1G_v1.1.6.hex342 KB
  • MEGA_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_P_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_P_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_P_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_P_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_P_TMC_v1.1.6.hex348 KB
  • MEGA_P_v1.1.6.hex348 KB
  • MEGA_S_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_S_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex381 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_TMC_v1.1.6.hex348 KB
  • MEGA_S_DGUS_v1.1.6.hex348 KB
  • MEGA_S_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_S_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_S_TMC_v1.1.6.hex345 KB
  • MEGA_S_v1.1.6.hex345 KB
  • MEGA_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_TMC_v1.1.6.hex345 KB
  • MEGA_v1.1.6.hex345 KB
  • MEGA_X_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_X_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_X_TMC_BLT_10_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_X_TMC_BLT_11_v1.1.6.hex378 KB
  • MEGA_X_TMC_v1.1.6.hex345 KB
  • MEGA_X_v1.1.6.hex345 KB