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WhatsApp Status Saver. WhatsApp in itself is a great source for WhatsApp stories. My friends share a lot of old photos, which I like to save to the gallery on the phone to come back to later. WhatsApp does not have a built-in method where you can do this. So I use Status Saver, an app that allows me to save WhatsApp status photos and videos. Video Song Status For Whatsapp - CNET Download. Showing 1-10 of 1,282.

Free WhatsApp video-editing app

VidStatus is a free mobile app that lets you download and watch trending, funny, or random clips for entertainment purposes. Apart from viewing videos, VidStatus, also doubles up as a professional video-editing tool. This allows you to cut and trim your favorite moments with ease on your smartphone to show your friends on WhatsApp.

This multimedia app is extremely popular in India and can play videos in various languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Punjab, and Malayalam. VidStatus also allows you to earn money by performing different tasks like daily-check ins, watching videos, and becoming a content creator.

VidStatus main features

VidStatus is a video-sharing app that allows users to edit and share videos based on WhatsApp status. With VidStatus, you can watch live streams of trending videos or check out popular statuses among your friends for quicker viewing options. You are also able to like other people's posts with this app too.

However, it won't let you post any videos that have more than 30 seconds duration, nor will it allow anything less than 10 seconds in length either, so make sure they're in line with these parameters. You can also create an account on the app to post content and keep up with your favorite channels. To do so, there are a few things required: a mobile number, and a Facebook accountorGoogle account.

VidStatus is all about customization, as observed in the surplus of editing tools. With VidStatus, you can add filters or animated texts to your video clips and even create custom themes with the app's background music feature. From there, you can edit any song into a lyric video by selecting from your gallery an existing clip or creating a new one. Lastly, you can also add text stickers like emojis that accompany the lyrics on the screen.

Sharing your videos throughWhatsApp status messages is great, but with this app, you can also share on other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows people who are followers of a particular celebrity or an influencer's social media page the chance to see what they have been up to since their last post. You can also meet new people nearby and chat with them by using this app.

How can you earn money with VidStatus?

VidStatus rewards you for doing activities like checking in, watching other people's content every day, or even just viewing what your friends have posted recently.

Whatsapp Status Song Download App For Pc


The only downside to using VidStatus is the cost of joining as a creator. To become a creator with your own channel, you need to pay for an invite. VidStatus offers invites at different levels, so you can find one within your budget.

Whatsapp Status Song Download App

Becoming a content creator by uploading videos can earn you money. The app rewards your video with coins, which you can then convert to Paytm cash. However, before earning these coins, make sure that every day you post at least one video on your channel for it to count and to receive the reward.

When you upload a video to the app, it is analyzed for its content and quality. VidStatus rewards videos based on various factors such as the number of clicks generated by the video, how many likes are given to said video, or if the videos contain the app's watermark logo in the thumbnail. This means that every time somebody watches one of your videos, you'll receive coins as a reward.

Whatsapp Status Song Download App

VidStatus suffers from some setbacks

Streaming and watching videos can sometimes be tedious with VidStatus due to the longloading times. VidStatus also lacksautoplay features, which means you need to tap on each video you want to watch. In addition, before downloading a video, you need to watch an ad as well. When trying to watch and download multiple videos, the combined time of waiting for the ad to finish coupled with the long loading times can get frustrating quickly.

Edit and monetize your videos

Song Download

VidStatus is a great app if you want to edit, download, and watch trending short videos on WhatsApp. It has lots of useful social features, and you can also earn money by completing tasks or by becoming a content creator.

Whatsapp Status Song Download App

The interface of VidStatus is easy to navigate through all available content, without feeling overwhelmed by too many options or buttons scattered around the screen. Despite the app's shortcommings, this video downloader/editor is a great app to check out, especially considering it doesn't cost a single penny to download and use.