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Classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones or Scooby Doo relied heavily on their soundtracks to complement the action. Slapstick sequences and fast paced action scenes typical for these over-the-top cartoons often require unusual instrumentation, a range of quick tempo changes and experimental elements, which have become typical for cartoon music.


Music is an element cartoons often use to create a laugh. Unlike the live-action genre, cartoons can bend reality and alter the rules of physics, which is true for their soundtrack as well. Humor is often created by sounds that conflict or exaggerate what viewers and listeners would have expected something to sound like.

The Micky Mousing technique, for example, one of the most widespread stylistic devices of cartoon music, is a technique that syncs the action on screen with the music which accompanies it. The visual motions of the characters are musically represented by the score, which often adds to the dynamics of a scene or makes it funnier.

Tom Jerry Videos Collection free download - Nero MediaHome 2019, SharePod, Tom and Jerry, and many more programs. Outro: Roll Joke: Im starting to feel w e ir d.

The musical reflection of the cartoons’ constant changes in tempo, style, meter and mood has created a distinct genre of music. While the emergence of synthesisers has changed the landscape of cartoon soundtracks and its golden era is long gone, these peculiarities still hold up today and make cartoon music unique.

Heavenly Puss

heaven.wav (322K) - The cat at the gate going through The Book of each cat in line
Hic-cup Pup
Spike - He gets the hic-cups.mp3 (234K) - Spike - Every time his [Tyke] sleep gets disturbed, he gets the hic-cups.
Spike - He's Takin' a Nap.mp3 (73.5K) - Spike - Shhhhh! He's takin' a nap.
Spike - I'll murder that cat.mp3 (42.5K) - Spike - I'll murder that *hi-cup* cat!
Spike - Ow!.mp3 (38.4K) - Spike - Ooowwwww!
Spike - rockabye Baby.mp3 (244K) - Spike singing / humming Rockabye Baby to Tyke
Spike - That's My Boy.mp3 (38.8K) - Spike to Tyke - That's my Boy!
Spike - There's going to be trouble.mp3 (66.6K) - Spike to Tom - You wake my boy again, there is going to be trouble!
Spike - Try sippin' a little water.mp3 (89.4K) - Spike to Tyke - Here son, try sipin' a little water.
Spike - Wakin' up my boy.mp3 (42.9K) - Spike to Tom - 'What's the big idea wakin' up my boy?!'
Tyke - Hic-cups.mp3 (68.2K) - Tyke's hic-cups
His Mouse Friday
Island Native - Hmm BBQ Cat.mp3 (124K) - Island Native - 'Hmmmmm Barbeque Cat!'
Island Native - Hmm BBQ Mouse.mp3 (126K) - Island Native - 'Hmmmmmm Barbeque mouse!'
Island Native - Screaming.mp3 (127K) - Island Native screaming
Jerry - Apa Bata.mp3 (148K) - Jerry - 'Hop in water!'
Jerry - Cut a Potato.mp3 (18.8K) - Jerry - 'Cut a Potato! Cut a Potato!'
Jerry - Hold the Onion.mp3 (18.8K) - Jerry - 'Hold the Onion'
Jerry - Hop in pot.mp3 (139K) - Jerry - 'Hop in pot!'
Jerry - Kalamazoo.mp3 (427K) - Jerry saying something (can't really distinguish what he is saying)
I'm just wild about Jerry
jyow.wav (46.8K) - Jerry's scream
tjintro.wav (258K) - The ever popular Intro to the cartoon.
Tom and Jerry Theme (419K) - The theme in mp3 format!
TomandJerry_Kids_theme.mp3 (147K) - The theme song to the forgotten Tom and Jerry Kids show.
tomjercom1980.wav (321K) - The theme to the Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. (1980)
tomjerry1975.wav (335K) - Theme to the Tom and Jerry Show (1975)
tj75theme_MP3file.mp3 (1.21MB) - High Quality Tom and Jerry 1975 theme
Tom and Jerry MGM Theme.mp3 (834K) - High Quality Tom and Jerry MGM theme song.
Jerry and the Lion
lion.wav (136K) - Jerry meets up with the Lion
Jerry's Cousin
cousin1.wav (46.7K) - Jerry's letter to his cousin Muscles
cousin2.wav (35.5K) - Muscle's threatens Tom
cousin3.wav (35.1K) - Muscle's gives Jerry some advice
Little Quacker
Henry.wav (56.8K) - The Duckling's mom calls for the Dad
Quack.wav (36.5K) - Duck calls
Little Runaway

Tom And Jerry Cartoon Downloads

Baby Seal - Talking.mp3 (351K) - The Baby Seal talking in seal talk
Baby Seal - Trumpet.mp3 (156K) - The Baby Seal playing the trumpet.
Newscaster - Good Morning, Everyone.mp3 (18K) - Newscaster - 'Good Morning, Everyone.'
Newscaster - The Reward offer.mp3 (234K) - Newscaster's - News broadcast about the missing baby seal.
Love that Pup

Tom And Jerry Video New

Spike - Hey You.mp3 (64.1K) - Spike - 'Hey You! That's my boy you got in your hands'
Spike - I'll skin ya alive.mp3 (58K) - Spike - 'If he's under that barrel, I'll skin ya alive!'
Spike - Listen Pussycat.mp3 (120K) - Spike - 'Listen here, pussy cat. I catch you botherin' my boy again, I'll tear ya apart!'
Spike - There There, Son.mp3 (93.5K) - Spike - 'There, There son. Ain't no cat goin' to hurt you'
Spike - Where's my boy.mp3 (18.4K) - Spike - 'Where's my boy!'