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General Information

Please start by resetting the save data from the options menu. That will fix some of the glitches.
An update will be up in the next few hours!

( NOTICE: This is a very early version of the frameworks and by no mean represents how the final result will be )

Sonic Colors - Ultimate FitGirl RepackDownload Link ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡subscribe For more. Sonic Utopia is a free-roam, open world fan-made sonic game. Open and fluid, this game rivals even the best sonic games. This relaxing, pressure-free experie.

Sonic Arcus is Unity Sonic Framework heavily based on Sonic Unleashed. Its aim is to provide users with the majority of tools to recreate their favorite levels from the boost era, import original and fan-made levels from Unleashed and Generations, and so on.
This demo includes 3 hub worlds as voted on twitter ( Eggmanland, Spagonia, Apots ), 4 playable levels ( Apotos act 1 HD, Apotos Act 1 SD, and two gameland levels) and test level
The game has support for PS4 and XBOX ONE controllers ( for ps4 enable it in steam and use it to open the game or use DS4 Windows )
This demo is by no mean a complete product but is here to showcase the capabilities of the framework and most importantly for you to share your feedback and ideas.

Sonic Utopia Download Google Drive Full

Sonic utopia download google drive download
Download v0.5.3 : (508 MB .zip )
If the game gets stuck in the title screen please reset your save data in the options!


PS: All content is subject to changes in the future. This is an early version and does not reflect the performance of the final product in any way. Every future version will be more optimized and polished.
More on what I mentioned earlier. Due to the crash the following glitches exist:

Sonic Utopia Download Google Drive Download

Level start line in English when the Japanese voice-over is selected.
a couple debug objects can be foundUtopia

Sonic Utopia Online

twitter button and button layouts on menus do not work/appear