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● Use Eagle-eyed will help you locking targets in missions.
● Unlock talent to enhance archery skills and improve assassin strength.
● Use strategy to eliminate evil gangs, wipe out injustice, survive and become archer king.
Development team perfectly combined a variety of elements such as ninja assassin, archery skills, archer weapons, action shooting, fps survival missions and then born this unique action archery assassin game! You can call it bow and arrow, assassin, cool fps action or casual game! It is easy to play, using the new arrow deceleration special effect technology, which gives you different shooting experience every time you shoot.
Ninja’s Creed is definitely the first person bow and arrow shooter action adventure game that you have been expected. As a ninja shooter, you not only need archery skills, but also get powerful weapons to improve your strength. We choose different weapon this time except for gun, though no guns in this popular shooting game, you can choose the suitable weapon among many different weapons. There are three types of weapons in game, bow, crossbow and hiddenweapon, try these weapons and upgrade them, choose the suitable one, kill the imposters among enemies, eliminate bosses as a bow master or ninja shooter! Please pay attention, you need to find strategy to wipe out bosses! Be careful for the imposter among your partners, Protect yourself, survive in missions! Selecting the right weapon in different tasks will help you complete the task faster! Aim your target, be the archer king! Start your adventure!
Experience this free and cool archery game now! Bring yourself into the role playing ninja game! Become the top dominator of these regions, guard the city and justice! Aim and shoot, crush them all!
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See moreNinja Assassin (2009) Full Movie Watch Online : Ninja Assassin follows Raizo, one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them and vanishes. Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

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Ninja Assassin Full Movie Hd

Genre: Action, Crime, Hollywood, Mystery, Thriller

Ninja Assassin Full Movie 2009

Director: James McTeigue

Actors: Naomie Harris, Rain, Randall Duk Kim, Rick Yune, Sho Kosugi, Sung Kang, Yuki Iwamoto

Ninja Assassin 1 Full Movie Download Free

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Ninja Assassin 1 Full Movie Download Online

Country: Germany, USA

Ninja Assassin Full Movie English

Duration:99 min

Ninja Assassin 1 Full Movie Download By Torrent

Release: 2009

  • A garish and poorly filmed chop-socky frolic that makes about as much sense as an Escher painting viewed through Vaseline-smudged Ray-Bans.
  • Perhaps such phenomenal slaughter is best left to the imagination.
  • The problem is that the fight sequences -- the only reason anyone sees a movie like this in the first place -- are muddy, chaotic and boring. Even diehard fans of this genre would be well advised to skip this one.
  • This saga, set in Berlin, is more committed to its bloodletting than to any of its characters.
  • A movie that provides plenty of jolts but precious little pleasure.
  • This movie knows exactly what it is: Gonzo silliness about bodies turned into human salsa.
  • Shouldn't throwing stars be silent? If they're gonna sound like gunshots, why not just use guns?
  • San Francisco Chronicle

    11/25/2009 by Mick LaSalle

  • Thanks to the movie's dire script, flat performances and excessively slick, tricked-out fight scenes, it gets increasingly hard to care about anything that goes on here, even when it happens to be visible without the use of night-vision goggles.
  • This one is simply a diverting, uncommonly violent action flick. No need for an extended critical postmortem. Except to say the Wachowski brothers' trademark seems to have turned into a designer brand dedicated to producing inexpensive knockoffs.
  • Rain is a very talented slaughterer. He could kill you with a pair of tweezers, a hair dryer, two bananas, whatever. Be glad he's a good ninja.
  • When a movie's first scene shows one thug getting the top of his head sliced off and another being chopped diagonally in half, you know you're not in for much of a dramatic crescendo.
  • What's a recovering ninja assassin to do? Why, paint the screen bright red, of course. Splatter it on. We're talking streaks and rivers of blood -- bloody swords, bloody clothes and, my personal favorite, bloody stumps.
  • Ninja Assassin lives in the moment, a visceral gouge of a picture, and sections of it move so fast -- and are so intriguingly, dimly lit -- that you have to use your imagination a bit to discern what's happening.
  • Heads may roll, torsos get severed and geysers of blood spurt, but no amount of CGI'd gore can save 'Assassin' from being dramatically lame, visually impaired and kinetically flat-footed.
  • The credits for Ninja Assassin list two screenwriters and one director. But it's fair to say the movie has come straight out of a box.
  • If Ninja Assassin boasted sexual content equivalent to its level of violence, it would be rated NC-17 and repulse even the most dedicated perverts
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    11/24/2009 by Joe Williams

    This amateurish action flick is so lacking in personality or punch, it ought to be titled 'V for Video Store Discount Bin.'
  • Entertainment Weekly

    11/24/2009 by Chris Nashawaty

    Let's be honest, killing is this film's business... and business is good.