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JDBC-ODBC bridge has been discontinued in latest Java releases so here is an alternative method to connect to Microsoft Access Database using pure java bas.

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Dec 07, 2021 While Microsoft does provide a 64 bit Ms-Access driver, it did not work with Java's 64 bit JDBC-ODBC driver. Since then there seems to be a new open-source Ms-Access JDBC Driver Ms-Access JDBC driver. I have no Idea how good it is. Under ODBC and JDBC Drivers, select the ODBC driver download for your environment (Hive or Impala). Select Windows for the Operating System and 64 bit for the version. Download and install the drivers. Note: Don't use Cloudera Impala ODBC driver v2.5.28. It's not compatible with Tableau. Tableau Prep Help. This chapter provides tutorial notes on sqljdbc42.jar, JDBC Driver 4.2 produced by Microsoft for SQL Server 2014. Topics include downloading and installing Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2; loading.

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The Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge (JOB) provides zero installation JDBC access from any Java platform to remote ODBC data ...


IBAccess is a Interbase client application to allow users and administrators to perform common tasks with their Interbase databases in a user friendly interface.


The Easysoft ODBC-JDBC Gateway lets ODBC-enabled applications and programming languages such as Microsoft Access ...

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java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

I get the following error when I try to connect to my Microsoft Access database from an eclipse project using jdbc.

Jdbc-odbc Bridge Driver Ms Access+free Download

I am using 64bit windows and microsoft office 2007.

any help on this matter would be great.

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64bit applications can't play with the 32bit Jet (Access) drivers. You need to fix this.

Two ways:

Ms Access Jdbc Driver Free Download Windows 7

The hard, crazy cat lady way is to route the queries through something that can go both ways, such as installing the 32bit version of SQL Server Express, writing stored procedures in it to query the Access database, and then call the stored procedures from your 64bit application.

The easy, 'correct', but potentially buggy for a short while way is to download and install the beta version of the Office 2010 Jet drivers (redistributable), which finally support 64bit mode. They can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

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Microsoft Access Driver Download

Access 2010 has 64 bit drivers and can be downloaded

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Ms Access Jdbc Driver Free Download 64 Bit


Ms Access Jdbc Driver Free Download For Pc

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