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WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS THE DREADED OPINIONS. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE POSITIVE. IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO POST 'At least you're getting free updates!!!', PLEASE DON'T. I AM AWARE AND THANKFUL THAT WE DO GET FREE UPDATES, HOWEVER, THIS IS A REVIEW. I WILL CRITICISE UPDATES LEFT AND RIGHT AND WILL NOT SUGARCOAT. WHEN REVIEWING I VALUE HONESTY AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM OVER ALL ELSE. And remember, this is all just my opinion. We all prefer different areas of the game. I prefer survival. The next person may prefer world building. Maybe redstone, adventuring, speedrunning, mapmaking. So yes, my review is entirely my opinion from my perspective.

So we've had a few 1.14 snapshots now. And similar to 1.13, I feel it's time for me to review the update so far. I will have a look at all of the main features of the update so far, review them and give them a rating out of 10, then rate the update as a whole out of 10.

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Previous Update Ratings:

Minecraft 1.14 Free Download Village And Pillage

1.4 'Pretty Scary Update' - 8/10

1.5 'Redstone Update' - 6.5/10

1.6 'Horse Update' - 6/10

1.7 'Update that Changed the World' - 9/10

1.8 'Bountiful Update' - 7.5/10

1.9 'Combat Update' - 7/10

1.10 'Frostburn Update' - 5/10

1.11 'Exploration Update' - 8/10

Minecraft 1.14 Free Download Village And Pillage Minecraft

1.12 'World of Color Update' - 5.5/10

1.13 'Technically Updated' + 'Update Aquatic' - 9/10

Minecraft 1.14 Free Download Village And Pillage


I'm always down for a new weapon in Minecraft, and this is a fun one to use. Whether or not it's superior to the original bow is debatable though. (7.5/10)


They're probably one of the cooler band-aid mobs, I guess. (5.5/10)

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Bamboo Forests

I don't like how these forests compromise the jungle biome, but the biome in itself is okay (4.5/10)


AHA! THIS is the block we always needed but never even knew we needed! Good freaking riddance dirt constructions! This block is super neat, super useful and super aesthetic! Especially since the outward-build limit was increased, this block's been even better. It's not perfect, but I reckon this block is the best feature of this update so far. (9/10)

New Flowers

They're cool. (7/10)

Suspicious Stew

I have mixed feelings on this. It DOES seem a little overpowered, especially the Saturation and Regeneration ones, given how easy this stew is to craft. I kinda think it shouldn't even be craftable. But then again, it DOES only give a few seconds of its effect and does put bowls and flowers to use. I'm quite torn on this one as you can see, but I do like the concept, so I'll give this a (7/10).


I don't see the point of these. They're a brighter torch, and they emit a light level of 15. We have loads of other blocks that emit this light level. Maybe they look neater than other light-level-15 blocks? Really, I can't see myself ever making this, but I can see the appeal for others wanting to make them to spruce up their builds. (4/10)



At first, I did not see the point of this block at all, and was actually really weirded out by its very presence. But then I realised just how good this feature is. I never bothered with banners for one reason - they were a PAIN IN THE ARSE TO CRAFT. I could never remember their crafting recipes and was always having to consult Wikipedia for help. Now I might actually make some banners! (7.5/10)


Don't really have an opinion on these.

New Signs, Stairs, Slabs, Walls

This is one of those things that should've been added a long time ago. Better late than never. (8/10)


I don't see the point of this at all. Other than being a travel hazard. The berries do jack in filling you. It's dried kelp all over again. (3/10)


I'm always down for some more Illagers. The concept of 'Illagers' is one I've loved since their introduction in 1.11. This is a basic new mob, but I still like it. Gotta start somewhere with the 'Pillage' part of the update. (7/10)

Illager Beasts

DAMN these things are tough. They don't really drop anything other than saddles though. Needs some work, but this mob definitely has a lot of potential. (7/10)

Illager Patrols

I've yet to encounter one, so I can't give this one a fair rating. I do like the concept though.

Villager Pillager Update

Illager Outposts

They don't look intimidating enough to be honest. But I guess they're a place to go if you want to take down a few pillagers. (7/10)


The raids sure are fun, but I thought they'd be a random event, rather than a player-controlled event. Also, there are no rewards for fending off a raid other than keeping the village alive. But if you want to keep a village alive, you can just... not cause a raid in the first place? The raid thing does seem a little pointless and a bit like the 'Channelling' enchantment - essentially a bit of fun. But they ARE fun. They could be brushed up a little bit though, some of the pillagers seem a bit stupid (and the villagers too). Also, these raids can have Evokers. I now never see the need to ever look for a Woodland Mansion ever again. They're totally obsolete now as anything you could get from a Woodland Mansion can now be had from these raids. (6.5/10)

New Villages

The new architecture in the Plains and Savanna villages definitely is a marked improvement, but it's nothing mind-blowing. I do like how every biome's village is getting its own architecture though. (6.5/10)


Making cats their own mob renders the Ocelot about as useful as the Bat, but I think they said they have plans for the Ocelot. I do like how Cats repel Phantoms though. (6/10)


Villager pillager update

Like with all updates, there are a few other small changes, such as rabbit stew becoming a shapeless recipe (FINALLY FINALLY!!!) and dead bushes being used in furnaces. These little things that make the game that bit better. And there's always the slew of new commands, which I often don't bother with, but others find them very useful. I can't see any commands in the changelog that I'd use, but they'd be good for mapmakers. And the jigsaw block.


This update, like all updates post-1.7, has taken its time. With an estimated March release, it will have taken eight months to finish this update. There is quite a lot in this update and I'm sure there will be quite a bit more to come. But still, this update has taken its sweet time. (4/10)

Final Thoughts and Update Rating So Far

Though this update does have quite a lot to offer and certainly does have its share of new content and things that I do like, I have to question the purpose of this update. It is true that villages have not had an update in a very long time (if ever), but I think there are things that could've benefited from an update sooner or later. In fact, before the theme of 1.14 was revealed, there were HUGE vocal groups of people who made long threads and YouTube videos explaining why we NEED a Cave Update or a Nether Update. Two HUGELY half-baked areas of our Minecraft world that are HUGE parts of the game, on par with the Ocean. But nope, villages take priority apparently.

For what it's worth, I do like where they're going with this update, even if I am not too keen on the theme of it. They could do more with the new villages, villagers, change their AI etc. but I'm sure that's to come in future snapshots. I do wonder if there will be a greater purpose to the raids or if they will just be a bit of fun. And I do hope these new crafting tables don't make everything far too complicated going forwards.

Overall, this update is decent so far. I feel it's about on par with the 1.5, the Redstone Update. Another update which focused on an area I do not particularly care for. Both this update and that one still did have a lot to offer that did appeal to me though. I will do an updated review once the update drops in full, but unless something REALLY good or bad comes, I think the rating I give the update now will be, give or take 0.5, the same as the finished product.

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Minecraft 1.14 'Village and Pillage', so far, gets a 6.5/10.

What are your thoughts on this update? What would you rate it? Let me know in the comments below!

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