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Law & Order
Season 14
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes24
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 24, 2003 –
May 19, 2004
Season chronology
Season 13
List of episodes
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  2. Law And Order Svu Season 9
  3. Law And Order S14
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was renewed for a twentieth season on May 9, 2018. Production started on July 16, 2018. On July 12, 2018, Executive Producer Julie Martin posted a photo of a script on Twitter, teasing that the first hour of the two-hour season premiere was tentatively titled 'Man Up'. Apr 03, 2013 Find Law & Order: SVU Season 14 episodes on

The 14th season of Law & Order premiered on September 24, 2003 and concluded on May 19, 2004 on NBC.


Main cast[edit]

Sixteen year-old Avery Capshaw's (guest star Fiona Robert) parents report her kidnapped, and the SVU finds signs of a party turned violent. Her boyfriend, Manny Montero (Juan Castano), is a scholarship student from the Projects, and though his family swears he's on the right track, Amaro (Danny Pino) suspects he's involved with a dangerous gang. SVU detectives race to find a boy kidnapped for ransom. S16 E21 05/06/15. Perverted Justice. Captain Cragen returns when SVU reopens a 17-year-old incest rape case. S16 E20 04/29/15. 'Lost Reputation' is the fourteenth season premiere of the police procedural television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the 296th overall episode.

  • Jerry Orbach as Senior Detective Lennie Briscoe
  • Jesse L. Martin as Junior Detective Ed Green
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren
  • Sam Waterston as Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy
  • Elisabeth Röhm as Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn
  • Fred Dalton Thompson as District Attorney Arthur Branch

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
  • J. K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
3021'Bodies'Constantine MakrisS : Michael S. Chernuchin;
S/T : William N. Fordes
September 24, 2003E430220.90[1]
While investigating the death of a teenaged girl, the detectives stumble on a pattern of crimes that indicate they are after a serial killer. The suspect, however, puts the prosecutors through an ethical wringer when he discloses his attorney's knowledge of the victims and their whereabouts.
3032'Bounty'Matthew PennMichael S. ChernuchinOctober 1, 2003E430417.50[1]
The investigation into the murder of a bounty hunter leads to a reporter with compromised ethics and a dubious defense strategy.
3043'Patient Zero'David PlattWendy BattlesOctober 8, 2003E430116.50[1]
The investigation into the carjacking of a vehicle containing vials of a deadly virus leads the detectives on a search for the first person infected with the virus and a biochemist whose sinister motivations were driven by passion.
3054'Shrunk'Jace AlexanderRichard SwerenOctober 22, 2003E430516.60[1]
The police and prosecutors investigate the connection between an award-winning songwriter and the young woman found murdered in his home to discover who would profit by her death at his hands.
3065'Blaze'Gloria MuzioMarc Guggenheim & Aaron Zelman & Michael S. ChernuchinOctober 29, 2003E430916.20[1]
A teenager's need for parental love, acceptance, and recognition sets in motion the events leading to the deaths of 23 concert-goers in a blaze started by a rock band's illegal pyrotechnics.
3076'Identity'Jace AlexanderJanis DiamondNovember 5, 2003E431116.40[1]
When a man is found murdered shortly after depositing almost $400,000 in his savings account, the investigation into the source of funds reveals that the victim ran an identity theft scam which left an elderly man homeless and impoverished.
3087'Floater'Richard DobbsEric OvermyerNovember 12, 2003E430718.90[1]
The husband of a woman whose partially decomposed body is found floating in the Hudson River becomes the prime suspect in her murder until the prosecutors uncover a connection between her prospective attorney and a judge who has heard a suspiciously high number of his cases.
3098'Embedded'Ed SherinCraig TurkNovember 19, 2003E430317.50[1]
After a reporter accused of causing the deaths of soldiers with whom he was embedded in Iraq by reporting on their troop movements is shot and wounded on the eve of his return to the front, the ballistics report indicates that the gun belonged to one of the dead soldiers, leading the detectives to uncover who brought the gun back from the front and committed the crime.
3109'Compassion'Constantine MakrisRoz WeinmanNovember 26, 2003E430814.70[1]
When a con man passing himself off as a grief counselor is poisoned by a respected doctor he victimized, McCoy must determine whether revenge or insanity prompted the crime.
31110'Ill-Conceived'David PlattAaron Zelman & Noah Baylin & Michael S. ChernuchinDecember 3, 2003E430616.60[1]
The owner of a clothing company with illegal immigrant workers is found murdered which sends the detectives on a search for an unidentified evening caller whose girlfriend, also a worker in the factory, recently gave birth. Upon discovery that the victim was also the baby's father, the boyfriend is arrested with the motive being an office affair until the victim's widow discloses that it was a surrogate arrangement.
31211'Darwinian'Jace AlexanderMarc GuggenheimJanuary 7, 2004E431318.00[1]
The apparent hit-and-run of a homeless man sends the detectives on a search for the driver, a high-profile female publicist, which fuels the fire for the prosecutors to obtain a murder conviction. However, an autopsy reveals that the victim died as a result of a beating, which had to have taken place hours before the car accident, which leads to a suspect within the homeless community.
31312'Payback'Constantine MakrisLorenzo CarcaterraJanuary 14, 2004E431017.20[1]
The investigation into the murder of a former bookie turned mob informant reveals a disturbing new wrinkle in organized crime involving legitimate businessmen moonlighting as contract hitmen in a battle for mob leadership, and ends with a Federal ploy to nullify the plea bargain in the case, leaving McCoy seething and two more people dead.
31413'Married with Children'Richard DobbsWendy Battles & William N. FordesFebruary 4, 2004E431517.30[1]
The death of a woman who fell from a hotel balcony leads to a case involving a lesbian couple and a state law banning gay adoption.
31514'City Hall'Gloria MuzioRichard Sweren & Marc GuggenheimFebruary 11, 2004E431817.00[1]
A city employee's clerical error sets in motion a chain of events which culminates in a fatal shooting at City Hall and a secret federal court proceeding with sinister implications.
31615'Veteran's Day'David PlattNoah BaylinFebruary 18, 2004E431418.00[1]
A decorated Gulf War veteran, grief-stricken over the Afghanistan combat death of his son, murders an anti-war protester, claiming at trial that he acted under extreme emotional distress.
31716'Can I Get a Witness?'Don ScardinoAaron ZelmanFebruary 25, 2004E432016.73[2]
McCoy faces an uphill battle in proving that witnesses to the murder of a drug mule were bribed, intimidated, and eventually murdered on the orders of the drug dealer accused of the crime.
31817'Hands Free'Gloria MuzioJanis DiamondMarch 3, 2004E431614.60[1]

When McCoy fails to win a murder conviction against an eccentric cross-dressing millionaire for the death of his neighbor, he redoubles the effort to convict the man for murdering his second wife years earlier by demonstrating that he murdered a witness to the crime.

  • Based on the murderer Robert Durst
31918'Evil Breeds'Constantine MakrisS : Barry Schindel;
S/T : Noah Baylin
March 24, 2004E432615.00[1]
A Holocaust survivor is murdered on the eve of her testimony in the deportation trial of a former concentration camp guard. McCoy must not only put the murderer on trial, but also the former guard who stood to gain the most from the survivor's death, even though evidence is limited.
32019'Nowhere Man'Martha MitchellWilliam N. FordesMarch 31, 2004E432417.90[1]

The District Attorney's Office is set on its ear when the investigation into the death of an A.D.A. uncovers a scandal that could imperil hundreds of cases.

  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg makes in-character cameos at the beginning and end of the episode.
32120'Everybody Loves Raimondo's'Richard DobbsS : Richard Sweren;
S/T : Lorenzo Carcaterra
April 14, 2004E432716.20[1]
Greed, treachery and disrespect shape the motives for murder when two men are gunned down at an exclusive restaurant.
32221'Vendetta'David PlattS : Michael S. Chernuchin;
S/T : David Nahmod
April 21, 2004E431717.20[1]
The investigation into a barroom brawl fatality reveals a detective's decades-old vendetta against a petty criminal turned murderer who was falsely accused of one murder after evading conviction on another. Partially inspired by the 2003 Steve Bartman incident.
32322'Gaijin'Jace AlexanderWendy BattlesApril 28, 2004E432517.20[1]
Van Buren has reservations about Branch's tactics in luring a Ginza nightclub owner back to New York after the Japanese government is unwilling to extradite him to face charges of conspiracy and murder in the death of his wife on a New York City vacation.
32423'Caviar Emptor'Richard DobbsRoz WeinmanMay 12, 2004E432115.90[1]
When a caviar importer is murdered the day after his wedding to a much-younger woman, the large pool of suspects includes his new wife, his children, and his chief competitor, each of whom has a compelling motive for committing the crime.
32524'C.O.D.'Matthew PennRichard Sweren & Marc GuggenheimMay 19, 2004E431919.50[1]

Briscoe bids farewell to the 27 as the prosecution of two women for killing each other's husbands comes to a successful conclusion.

  • Final appearance of Jerry Orbach as Det. Lennie Briscoe.


  • This is the final season to feature Jerry Orbach as Det. Lennie Briscoe. The character was transferred to the spin-off Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Orbach appeared in only two episodes of the show, dying of prostate cancer on December 28, 2004.
  • Season 14 was released on DVD, September 14, 2004 & the slimline reissue set was released on February 25, 2014.
  • This was the second time that the series had no cast changes for two successive seasons. The first time this happened was with the 8th season.


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Law And Order Svu Season 9

In Part 1 of the two-part 17th-season opener, the squad revisit a crime scene where bodies were buried by a serial killer. Rollins tries to get a confession, but the killer reveals shocking new info instead.

Air date: Sep 23, 2015

In the conclusion of the two-part 17th-season opener, a serial killer reveals shocking new info, and problems in the case mount as Barba faces slick lawyers in court.


A transgender teen is teased and then injured by bullies, one of whom is tried as an adult when the case goes to the DA's office.

Law And Order S14

Air date: Oct 7, 2015

A malnourished toddler is found wandering and leads police to another ill child from the same home. The investigation eventually lands the Department of Child Services in hot water. Meanwhile, Chief Dodds tells Benson to expect some changes at her squad.


An unarmed black man is shot by three police officers who claim they were following proper procedure while pursuing a rape suspect. As racial tensions mount throughout the city, Barba indicts the three cops.

Air date: Oct 21, 2015

A violinist is raped by her colleague, who doesn't remember committing the crime, and the investigation leads police to Rollins' sister. Meanwhile, Rollins' mother throws a baby shower for her; and Sgt. Mike Dodds reports to work at the SVU squad.


A reality TV family's secrets begin to spill when their young teenage daughter learns she's pregnant.

Law And Order Svu Season 14 Episode 1 Download Ocean Of Games


Law And Order Svu Season 14 Episode 1 Download Torrent

Air date: Nov 11, 2015

The detectives look for a teenage girl who was abducted and find crucial DNA evidence about her kidnapper. As the search progresses, the case deeply affects Sgt. Dodds.


Law And Order Svu Season 17 Episode 3 Download Torrent Full

A child abductor's trial gets complicated when a plea deal is rejected, so Barba is forced to use evidence that is decades old, leading to a confrontation in court between him and former SVU colleague Dr. Huang.


A rendezvous with a teacher is planned by a high-school student, but the situation turns much more dangerous for the teen.


Law And Order Svu Season 14 Episode 1 Download Free

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