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One of the most productive offshoots of Canadian industrial legends Skinny Puppy, Download explored a free-form electronic style which often drew from experimental techno, IDM/glitch, and ambient. Originally founded by Puppy members cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel in 1994, the majority of the project's recordings were helmed by Key and Phil Western, with artists such as Mark Spybey and Genesis P-Orridge contributing heavily to early releases such as Furnace (1995) and The Eyes of Stanley Pain (1996). While those releases were generally more aggressive and industrial-leaning, incorporating distorted vocals along with samples, the group went in a more melodic, fully instrumental direction starting with 1997's III. Since then, Download (down to just Key and Western) sporadically resurfaced with studio albums including HElicopTEr (2009) and ...
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