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Over 28,000 studio-quality songs KaraFun gives you more than 28,000.KaraFun Studio 1.2 beta Download (Free) - KaraFunStudio.exeYes, there is a version which can run on Windows 7 platforms. KaraFun Studio is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 on both 32 and.KaraFun Studio full version free download.

Go to Settings Offline. Select the option to download up to the Top 200 songs. The Top 200 most popular karaoke songs will be automatically synced and you will notice a blue vertical line next to the songs image indicating a successful sync. You will need to individually sync each song to complete the 1,000 limit. All you need is a YouTube video downloader to download karaoke songs from Youtube to hard drive. Click Here to download and install ALLMYTUBE, one of the best Youtube Video Downloader on the market. How it works to download free karaoke songs from Youtube? It’s very simple: Find the karaoke video you want to download on Then p ress the Download button which should appear upon pageload on the top right corner of the video. The number of songs to download is up to your discretion. We recommend downloading at least 5,000 songs as a backup in the event of loss of the internet. Top tracks can be downloaded automatically from the Settings Page Offline. It is important to note that each track requires 5 Megabytes of space.


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KaraFun is a free karaoke software for PC Windows. Both a karaoke player and an editor, KaraFun offers a complete solution for playing and creating your karaoke at home.
Complete and fun, it plays nearly every karaoke files: KFN, KAR, CDG, KOK, LRC... User-friendly, the KaraFun editor enables you to create, quickly and easily, your own karaoke songs from Audio and MIDI music files : MP3, OGG, KAR, MID... More info
Based on a powerful and evolutive 3D animation engine for animated lyrics and background, your karaoke party in full screen has every chance of being a success!

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Thousands of karaoke songs. Apps for singing.

38,000 studio-quality songs

KaraFun gives you more than 38,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine!

Offline sync

Hosting a karaoke party in the boondocks? KaraFun's got you covered even when there's no internet. Sync your favorite songs offline and keep the party going!

Custom key & tempo

Customize the key and tempo of any song in our catalog or add lead and background vocals. As Frankie said, 'I sang it my way!'

Singer management

Karafun Editor Free Download

Focus on singing and not who's up next. Add singer's name to the queue and keep track easily.


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Experience KaraFun and all its awesome features at home or on the go with any of our apps.

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-- Favorites --
You’ve just sung a whole bunch of great songs, but you need a way to find them easily for your next karaoke session. Simply add them to your favorites: keep all the songs you love in one convenient location.
-- Get backup: Lead / Background Vocal Adjustment --
We've got your back when you need it. Activate lead or background vocals and adjust the volume to however loud you want them to be. Sing along with the singer or backup singers voices or turn them back off. You call the shots!
Make it your own: Key/Tempo adjustmentIf the song key is too high or low, adjust it to match your voice. Same goes for the tempo... make the song just the way you want it.
-- Offline mode --
Hosting a karaoke party in the boondocks? KaraFun's got you covered even when there's no internet. Sync your favorite songs offline and keep the party going!
-- Works with Chromecast / External Screen --
Connect your device to any Chromecast compatible device, or directly to any video-projector or TV, and enjoy the smallest yet most powerful karaoke machine ever.
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