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Click where the arrow point and click This PC in the next window, then find your flash drive on the computer and select it as destination path. (optional) Set backup options and schedule backup by clicking Options or Schedule. Confirm everything is OK and click Start Backup to run the pending operation.

Plug your flash drive into your computer. Open a web browser. Check that your download options are set. Go to the file you want to download. Click the download button. Select your flash drive. Click Save (Windows) or Choose (Mac). Connect the Flash drive, click Start File Explorer This PC. Open the flash drive. Browse to the pictures. Click the Home tab, press Control + A on your keyboard or click Select All. Under the same Home tab, click Copy or press Control + C. Click Start File Explorer Pictures. Click Paste under the Home tab or press Control + V. We'll learn how to transfer files to and from a USB flash drive in Windows 7. Check out the updated video for Windows 10 here: Under the 'Device' section, use the drop-down menu to select the USB flash drive. Under the 'Boot selection' section, click the down arrow button on the right and select the Download option. Source: Windows Central. Click the Download button. Use the 'Version' drop-down menu and select the Windows 11 option. Click the Continue button.

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The system recovery tools are some of the best features for the users. It is recommended that the user creates a USB flash drive with system restoration options that can be used to restore the system. It is also to be noted that the user should also make sure that the windows repair option is selected when this flash drive is being used. Selection of any other option might corrupt Windows and that would lead to terrible data loss. In this tutorial, a step by step guide to making the USB recovery drive for windows 7 and 8 pro will be discussed. The restoration of the system will also be discussed in detail and the user should follow all the steps with to make sure that the system is restored without any loss or damage:

1 How to Create a USB Recovery Drive on Windows 7?

How to download music from computer to flash drive

How To Download Pictures From Computer To Flash Drive

Please make sure that you completely follow every step below to create a USB recovery drive.

1. The USB drive used for the purpose should be formatted.

2. The user then needs to make sure that within the USB two folders by the name of boot and sources are created.

3. In Windows, both the folders that have been created are hidden by default and the user needs to make sure that they are unhidden by clicking the folder and then clicking the option as depicted below.

4. The recovery folder should then be accessed.

5. From this folder, the user needs to make sure that the boot.SDI file is copied.

6. The user then needs to make sure that within the USB drive, the file is renamed as boot.wim.

7. The path i.e. C: WindowsBootDVDPCAT should be followed and the user should make sure that the BCD file is copied to the boot folder on the USB.

8. From the path C: WindowsBootDVDPCATen-US the user needs to make sure that the bootfix.bin file is copied to the boot folder.

9. For the last step, the user needs to make sure that the path C:WindowsBootPCAT is followed and the bootmgr file is copied to the root of the stick.

10. The new USB version of the windows is ready.

2 How to Create a USB Recovery Drive on Windows 8?

This is also a simple process that should be followed completely and in order.

1. The Run or the search option should be accessed by pressing the Winkey + W. The Word recovery should then be searched to open the proper file.

2. In the next window, the user needs to make sure that the option of Yes is selected.

3. The create a recovery partition dialogue box will open and the user needs to make sure that the option as depicted in the screenshot below is also checked.

4. The drive should then be selected.

5. Windows will then warn the user that the contents will be deleted and the user should press the create button.

6. Once the drive is ready, the finish button should be pressed to finish the process.

3 How to Restore Windows System from A USB Recovery Drive?

Again, this process is fairly simple and the user just needs to make sure that Windows is booted from the flash drive containing the correct files. Please follow the steps below:

FlashHow to download from pc to flash drive windows 7

1. Insert the USB into the port and restart the system. The recovery media on the stick will be used automatically.

2. Then click the Advanced Options tab to make sure that the file has been extracted and the system is repaired. The other options available there can also be explored for good. The process is now complete.

4 When the Restoration is Done?

The following things happen when the restoration is complete:

1. Data Files in Place

How To Download From Pc To Flash Drive Windows 10

The user should make sure that the data files from the restoration are in place. This means that the restoration process was a success and nothing needs to be done now as the files have been found with ease.

2. The Desired Repair Has Been Done

This is also one of the points that are to be considered. It is a quick way to determine if the process has been successful. If the repair has not been done, then the user should consult expert advice.

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