How To Download All Apple Music Songs At Once

It just takes 4 steps to get your downloaded songs in typical format with same quality from Apple Music. Step 1 Download and install Sidify Apple Music Converter according to your OS (Following takes Mac version as example). Step 2 Add Apple Music to Sidify Apple Music Converter. Launch Sidify Apple Music Converter and click. Download all Apple Music at once. I had to sign out of my regular account and when I went back none of my music was still downloaded. This isn’t a huge problem by itself, however the biggest problem is they don’t have one button to download all my music back but rather only by album or artist.

Being a fanatic of different songs under several genres is a common thing for people. Even if you are a student, an office worker, a mom, a dad, or even a granny, music surely plays a thing in your heart. Well, who would not want to listen to countless beautiful songs, right?

An addicted music person would definitely use a popular music streaming service to stay updated with all the latest. If you happen to use the Apple music application, well, this post is for you. We will give you a guide on how to download all Apple music songs you like.

Actually, getting all Apple music songs into the device you are currently using for offline streaming is very straight forward. Well, basically, you just need to do two things – (1) look for the song to you like and (2) hit the “plus” sign alongside it then tick the “cloud” icon.

But you should know that this only works if you are to perform the process repeatedly for individual songs. If you are thinking about downloading all your Apple music favorites in one go, then you must be aware of the procedure because is actually not that obvious to do. Why?

Do you know how the downloading of songs in the Spotify application works? Yes, when you chose a specific album or playlist, the Spotify application offers a “Download” button at the top right corner of the page. However, it is a different thing for Apple music lovers. There is no way you can save all Apple music songs at once. Sadly, this is one difficulty being faced by Apple music application users.

You are about to find out what solution is best to use in such a situation. Okay! Then let us begin!

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Part 1: What Apple Music Users Need To Know

Most users are not that aware of iCloud Music Library and how it actually helps its users. This application helps the users to save some storage space in their devices. Instead of actually saving all Apple music songs into the gadget, you consume the cloud storage first.

Added to the above, if you are not yet noticing it, using cellular data while streaming consumes the battery life of devices faster compared to when you listen to those offline. This is why many still prefer to keep the songs downloaded (which works only for premium users).

However, as initially mentioned, the application currently does not offer an easy way of having all Apple music songs saved on your device in just a tap.

Well, this is why we are here. We will be discussing an easy workaround on how this can be resolved using three ways – (1) with the help of iTunes, (2) without using iTunes, and (3) by using a third-party software application.

So, let us proceed with the discussion.

Part 2: Downloading All Apple Music Songs With iTunes

The first discussion will linger around the idea of downloading all Apple music songs with the help of your iTunes application. If you have this installed on your personal computer, then you can get going.

Here are the detailed steps do be done.

Step #1. Since you have the iTunes application on your device, just launch it initially.

Step #2. Hit the “File” button located at the top page of the interface. Proceed with clicking the “New” option followed by “Smart Playlist”.

Step #3. Once completed, you will be seeing a new popup window on the screen. For the “Match” option, leave this checked. In the drop-down box, you will see, choose “Time”. Alongside it, select “is greater than”. Now, you need to set the time to “00:00”. This is needed to be done to ensure that all songs will be included in the process. The “Limit to” option should be unchecked. Click “OK” once done.

Step #4. Create a playlist and give it a name depending on what you like (for example, “All Music”).

Step #5. Make sure that your iCloud Music Library has been enabled both on your personal computer and iPhone. In your mobile device, open the application. Now, go to “My Library”, choose “Playlists”, and look for the name of the playlist you just created in step 4.

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Step #6. You will be seeing a “cloud icon” alongside the album name of the playlist you created. Just click this and all Apple music songs will be downloaded in a few minutes.

That’s it! You now have all your favorite Apple Music songs saved on your iPhone.

Part 3: Downloading All Apple Music Songs Without iTunes

What if you are not using the iTunes application? Nothing to worry about that. We will teach you a guide for easy downloading of all Apple music songs you like without iTunes.

  1. Go to the Music app and hit the “Library” tab. You can select “Songs” or “Albums”.
  2. Now, if you chose “Songs” you have to tick the “cloud” icon alongside each song one by one.
  3. If you select “Albums”, you can add the album to any playlist. Once done, you can just head to the “Playlists” option and look for the playlist where you saved the album then open it.
  4. Now, you can just tap the “cloud” icon you can see in the playlist.

The steps are too simple to follow. The time it will take to finish will depend on the amount or quantity of songs to be downloaded.

However, you should take note that the two ways presented initially will only be applicable for premium users. What about the procedure for free Apple music users? Check out in the next part.

Part 4: Downloading All Apple Music Songs Using Third-Party Application

Since Apple Music songs are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected, there is no way for both premium and free Apple music users to save all Apple music songs in unauthorized devices. The protection is being used to avoid the streaming in players other than the application itself.

Because of this, you need to rely on one third-party software application that has the ability to remove such protection. And, what we suggest is the use of this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

How To Download Songs Mp3

How can you fully utilize the mentioned tool in order to download all the Apple Music songs you love? Here is a guide for you.

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Add all the songs to be converted and choose the output format.
  3. Hit the “Convert” button.

The below details correspond to each step mentioned.

How To Download All Apple Music Songs At Once On Mac

Step #1. Download And Install The Application

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is readily available on the web. You can have it downloaded through its official website. The interface is so simple making it easier for users to navigate and control the tool. It works well for both Mac and Windows computers. Launch it once the installation has been completed.

Download All Apple Music Iphone

Step #2. Add All The Songs To Be Converted And Choose Output Format

In order to keep all Apple music songs, you need to import those into the software. Afterward, you are free to choose any output format you desire. Many options are available. You can also do some personalization when it comes to output settings and specify the output path for saving.

Step #3. Hit The “Convert” Button

The final and last step is to tick the “Convert” button which you will immediately see at the bottom right corner of the interface. This signifies that the downloading process will then take place.

Since the application is designed to function five times faster than usual tools on the web, in no time, you can have all Apple music songs ready in your computer’s library.

Part 5: To Wrap It All

Is there a way to download all apple music songs at once

Initially, saving all your Apple Music songs in one device could be difficult. But if you reached this part, then, you are now aware that the method is as well too simple. Three different ways were presented in this blog post and we do hope that you gained the information you're looking for.

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Still, the best we recommend is to use the tool, DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, since it works well even if you are a premium or a free user.