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Music is one of the most important sources of entertainment in everyone’s life. That said, the preference of music varies from person to person.

  • ReverbNation is known to provide the much-needed platform to industry giants like The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes and Imagine Dragons for sharing their music and building a fan base. It is one of the most popular and best music download sites and offers a humongous collection of Hip-hop and pop music.
  • SoundCloud is one of the popular music sites that lets you stream unlimited music and download songs for free.

Find free music mp3s to download and listen online. Scrobble while you listen and get recommendations on new music you’ll love, only from Last.fm. Merit(s): This MP3 download site will publish some music-related blogs under the Features section and users can get much useful information on the live shows, festivals, awesome playlists, new songs/albums release, etc. Online song download has become quite popular globally. The people have grown dependent on the internet for their regular feed for music. There are numerous websites which offer free music download but are low on database and genres. There are some websites which fail to offer download full albums free.


Torrents are not only used for downloading movies, games, ebooks, and videos but music and songs too.

Well, if you are one of the billions of music enthusiasts and prefer downloading music from torrent sites then this article will definitely help you.

In this article, we will list some of the best music torrent sites to download songs for free.

Your Favorite Music Torrent Sites Not Working For You?


In many major countries and regions like Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morroco these music torrent websites are completely blocked.

Well, you can use VPN services for accessing these BitTorrent sites in these regions. In fact, you can check out our list of the Best VPNs for torrenting.

If you still face any issues do check out How To Unblock Torrent Sites.

How To Choose A Good Music Torrent Site To Download Torrent?

Always look for an old trusted music torrent site with fewer adverts. The torrent site that verifies its torrent files are better to go with.

For better speed look for torrent files with a good number of seeds, peers, and leechers.

Better to use a VPN and adblocker to avoid getting tracked and to be shown with advertisements.

NOTE:Techworm does not condone using torrents to illegally obtain content. Using the following torrent websites for illegal purposes is done entirely at your own risk. Techworm takes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter.

Top 15 Best Music Torrent Sites

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • Torlock
  • Katcr.co
  • Torrentz2
  • TokyoToshokan
  • LimeTorrents
  • TorrentDownloads
  • ETTV
  • SoundPark
  • RockBox
  • MixTapeTorrent
  • DirtyTorrents
  • TorrentFunk
  • RuTracker

Without further ado, let’s have a look at top music torrenting sites that are still working.

1. The Pirate Bay

Best FeaturesMagnet links supported; Availability of high-quality FLAC format music
Types of Content movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Banned in several countries and regions
The Pirate Bay Mirror URLLink 1

Due to its immense popularity, it’s practically impossible to exclude The Pirate Bay from any best torrent sites list. This reliable BitTorrent site helps users to fastly download all sorts of music.

Apart from music, The Pirate Bay can also be used to download other content like movies, TV shows, games, software, and much more.

If you spare some time exploring content on The Pirate Bay you can even download high-quality FLAC format music. Overall, The Pirate Bay is an easy to navigate website that simply gets the job done.

Lastly, if The Pirate Bay is blocked in your country or region you can check out the Best Pirate Bay alternatives.

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2. 1337X

Best FeaturesSimple and clean UI; Dedicated section for most popular music torrents
Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
1337x Mirror URLLink 1

1337X is another popular torrent site that has a dedicated section for music torrents. The simple and clean UI of 1337X makes searching and exploring music torrents a breeze.

Furthermore, the music section of 1337X displays the most popular music torrents, and the list is updated every day.

1337X displays the time, size, and name of the uploader for every music torrent on the platform. Lastly, using 1337X you can even download other torrent files like movies, anime, games, and much more even using the magnet link.

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3. Torlock

Best FeaturesTorlock only lists verified torrents; Dedicated section for music
Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Available in the entire world.
Torlock Mirror URLLink 1

The next best torrent site for downloading songs on the list is Torlock. Unlike other popular music torrent sites, Torlock only lists verified torrents.

Consequently, you won’t find any fake or spammy torrent content on Torlock. Similar to 1337X, Torlock also has a dedicated section for music which makes searching and exploring music fairly straightforward.

Torlock displays the size and number of files for every music torrent. Lastly, a lot of random advertisements may annoy some users.

4. Katcr.Co

Best FeaturesSimple and clean UI; Dedicated section for music-based torrents
Types of Contentanime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
Katcr Mirror URLLink 1

katcr.co is basically the completely new version of the highly popular kickass torrent. This new torrenting website is designed by a group of original KickassTorrent staff members and it has a fresh and secure database.

Kickass torrents also have a dedicated section for music-based torrents.

The simple and clean UI resembles the old Kickass torrent and makes it easier to search and download music torrents. As for downsides, the website quite often remains in maintenance mode.

If KATcr is blocked in your country here are the best Kickass Torrents Alternatives

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5. Torrentz2

Best FeaturesAdvanced filtering options; A decade-old torrent website
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime, adult content.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
Torrentz2 Mirror URLLink 1

Torrentz2 is another reliable music torrent website that is actually the renamed version of the popular decade-old torrent website Torrentz.

Similar to other best music torrent sites on the list Torrentz2 also has a dedicated section for music torrents. Torrentz2 displays the size and upload time for every music torrent.

Torrentz2 also has a section that only displays verified torrents. Overall, Torrentz2 will easily impress any music enthusiast.

Search for a music torrent, and results will be displayed from different torrent sites. Click on the result that is closet to what you had in mind.

6. TokyoToshokan

Best FeaturesSimple and well-developed UI; Ideal for downloading Japanese content
Types of ContentMovies, music, and indie content
AvailabilityAvailable in most regions
TokyoToshokan Mirror URLLink 1

The next reliable website for downloading music torrents is TokyoToshokan. As the name suggests, the website offers a lot of Japanese content that includes music as well.

The open torrent library is known for proving high-quality Japanese indie content for free.

Some of the noteworthy features of TokyoToshokan are simple and easy-to-navigate UI, helpful search filters, no ads, and a humungous library of torrent files.

With their recent update, the search function has started supporting file-names and info-hash. For instance, if you deleted a track by mistake, then download it again by searching the filename.

7. LimeTorrents

Best FeaturesOne-click torrents downloads; LimeTorrents displays the size and the upload time of every torrent.
Types of Contentmovies, games, software, ebooks
AvailabilityBanned in Australia, France, United Kingdom.
LimeTorrents Mirror URLLink 1

The next well-developed music torrent site on the list is LimeTorrents. Similar to Torlock, LimeTorrents also offers verified one-click torrents downloads.

LimeTorrents also has a dedicated section for music and this music torrent site displays the size, upload time, seeds, peers of every torrent.

There are no advanced search filters here. Tick the music option and start finding music torrents exclusively.

Apart from music, you can also download torrent movies, games, software, ebooks, and much more.

8. TorrentDownloads

Best FeaturesMusic is segregated into different sections, TorrentDownloads only lists verified torrents
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
TorrentDownloads Mirror URLLink 1

TorrentDownloads is one among some of the best music torrent sites.

Music-based content on TorrentDownloads is very well segregated into different sections like Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock, and much more. In addition to that, TorrentDownloads only lists verified torrents.

There are over three dozen categories of music available here. It includes non-English songs to Techno.

Overall, TorrentDownloads is a perfect music torrent site that has a humungous database of music torrents.


Best FeaturesAvailability of high-quality FLAC music files; Detailed information about music tracks and albums
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime.
AvailabilityTargeted by individual ISPs.
ETTV Mirror URLLink 1

ETTV is another feature-rich site for downloading music torrents. The website allows users to download either high-quality FLAC music files or regular MP3 music files.

Similar to other websites on the list ETTV also displays the size and upload date of every music torrent on the site.

You will find indie music torrents with their album cover, artist information, and full track details.

ETTV offers detailed information about music tracks and albums like category, language, and genre.

10. SoundPark

Best FeaturesSolely dedicated to music; Music is is very well segregated into different sections
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityAvailable across the entire world.
SoundPark Mirror URLLink 1

Now we have SoundPark, a fantastic songs torrent site. The music torrent tracker can be used to download complete albums and that too in lossless quality.

Music on SoundPark is very well segregated into different sections and you can filter search results based on genres, artists, and much more.

SoundPark displays complete information about the torrent files and albums before you download them. Additionally, you can even see the number of seeders and leechers.

11. RockBox

Best FeaturesRock music centric; Wide collection of old school rock and death metal, lossless music, no advertisements
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityAvailable across the entire world
RockBox Mirror URLLink 1

Till now, we covered torrent sites to download music in general. Now we go deeper into a music niche.

RockBox, also known as Rawkbawx, is all about the Rock genre of music, be it Funk, Electronic, Gothic, or metal. Everything rock music torrent is available.


Download music torrents by searching them from the two search bars located on the left and center of the screen.

There are no magnet links available, so you will need to download the torrent file and then add it to a torrent client.

Unlike other torrent sites, you will not find any advertisements on RockBox. A lot of the music torrents are in 320 Kbps bitrate.

12. MixtapeTorrent

Best FeaturesMixtapes of different DJs and artists, remix of songs, free to download music
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityAvailable across the entire world
MixtapeTorrent Mirror URLNot Necessary

Are you tired of hearing conventional music like us? Then add something new to the blend with mixtapes. MixTapeTorrent offers remix music for free from thousands of independent DJs.

Search for your favorite artist, and a mix of it created by a DJ will appear in the search results. Can you find your favorite song here? The chances are less than optimal, to put it politely.

You have the option to search by mixtape categories, such as Blends, Appacellas, R&B, WestCoat, and more. On top of that, there is an option to search by filtering DJs as well.

Every music torrent listing has a cover, tracks list, and comments from the downloaders. You can decide based on reviews whether the mixtape is hot or not.

13. DirtyTorrents

Best FeaturesTop Music Torrents chart, download option from different sites, lossless FLAC
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityBlocked in few regions
DirtyTorrent Mirror URLLink 1

DirtyTorrents is a free torrent site for downloading music, which offers other things such as games, applications, etc.

Instead of being a torrent site, it is more of a search engine that displays music torrents from different sites. Download music from various sites that suit you or is opening in your region.

Clicking on the Get Torrent button will take you to the listing on a particular torrent site. Download the torrent directly from there using magnet links or through the torrent file.

Sometimes you look for new music recommendations as listening to the same playlist over and over has reached its tipping point. Let the top charts in the audio section help you discover new music.

They have the most downloaded music torrents of the last 24 hours and all-time lodged on separate boards.

VISIT DirtyTorrents

14. TorrentFunk

Best FeaturesVerified music torrents section, high quality music download,
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityBlocked in few regions
TorrentFunk Mirror URLLink 1

Groove to the latest music by downloading trending songs from TorrentFunk. Find all the verified torrents, free malicious and unwanted files.

Use the search bar given at the top left of the screen for finding your music. Filter the results by selecting the music category before running the search.

If you are looking for only quality uploads, then tick the verified only box, and only the vetted torrents will appear. Reputed and verified contributors upload them.

You will find audio torrents in FLAC and other lossless, high-quality formats as well. Mention the format while searching to get relevant results.

This is not all, find the music by clicking on an alphabet in the music section. It can find an artist whose name begins with that letter.

15. RuTracker

Best FeaturesAdvanced torrents search, different bitrates available, categories for various music genres
Types of ContentMusic
AvailabilityBlocked in few regions
RuTracker Mirror URLLink 1

Saving something a little different for the last, RuTracker fits the bill for being out of the box. Originally in Russian, you will have to rely on the browser translator to comprehend things.

You can use leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that provide the option to translate the page.

Before anything else, create an account here on RuTracker to search torrents. Don’t sweat it out, as the registration barely takes a minute to complete.

Once logged in, search for music through the dialog box placed in the top center of the page. Here you get several options for performing the search.

Search in the topics or discussions of the site, through Google, through DuckDuckGo, or the meta description of the torrents. It will display search results from RuTracker alone.

The listing of each music torrent is what is considered as neat. They have several sections of Artist bio, composition, album information, file quality check, frequency spectrum, etc.

Virtually all the torrents have magnet links along with torrent files. Download the music from either of them; both work without issues.

Is Torrenting music illegal?

Using Torrent clients and downloading torrents is not illegal until you download some copyright-protected content.

Downloading any copyrighted content without the permission of the owner is completely illegal.

Here are some music download sites that are completely legal.

How To Download Torrent Files?

To download torrent files you need to download and install a torrent client like Bittorent, utorrent on your PC.

Next, You need to open the downloaded torrent files with the torrent client.

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So these were some of the best music torrents that are worth checking out. You can definitely find your favorite songs and albums using these websites.

Do share some other reliable music torrent sites that you use in the comments section below.


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