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When it comes to SSD's, crucial SSD is the finest of them all. It is the part of one of the largest memory manufactures known as Micron. It is considered the most efficient in SSD's. Many crucial SSD's like Crucial MX200, Crucial MX500, Crucial BX100 are flourishing in the market. Suppose you are planning to jump to crucial SSD. Download the 64-bit version of the software if you have a 64-bit operating system (most users). Download the 32-bit version if you have a 32-bit operating system. Not sure which one you have? Follow the steps in our chart below. Operating system How to know if you have the 32-bit or 64-bit version Windows® 10.

Crucial Mx500 Driver Download Windows 7


Jan 19, 2021 Crucial MX500 firmware updates. BX500 SSD support. Download 64-BIT (206 MB) Storage Executive only available for 64-bit systems. Crucial MX500 SSD firmware and support Crucial offers two firmware upgrade options for the MX500, depending on what firmware is currently on your system. The firmware that was loaded on your SSD is listed on the product label. Mar 25, 2014 Firmware for the M500 (all form factors) is being updated from version MU01 to MU02. The M500 is updateable to this new firmware starting from previous versions using tools provided by Micron.This update will be mandatory cut-in for new product built in Micron factories, and is an OPTIONAL update for any drive in the field.


Crucial Improves MX500 Performance

Crucial Mx500 Driver Download 64-bit

Crucial Mx500 Driver Download

A new firmware update is available for Crucial‘s MX500 series of solid state drives. This new firmware version M3CR022 is an optional update from version M3CR010. Aiming to address various performance improvements including:

  • Ready time from DEVSLP low-power state.
  • TRIM and Wear Leveling performance.
  • SATA error handing.
  • Compatibility with some TCG Opal 2.0 third-party encryption utilities (this change does not affect MS BitLocker).

It applies to all MX500 form factors, including both 2.5-inch and M.2 NGFF.

Crucial Mx500 Driver Download

The Crucial MX500 is the first consumer product to use Micron’s 64-layer 3D TLC NAND. This 2nd gen 3D NAND comes in a stackable 64-layer design for a 256-gigabit component. The NAND uses a ‘CMOS Under the Array’ design as Micron calls it, which allows them to minimize the footprint of the die.

Crucial Mx500 500gb Driver

If you are interested in seeing how well this drive performs, you can read the full review of the 1TB version of the Crucial MX500 here at eTeknix. The drive has earned our ‘Innovation Award’.

Where Can I Download This Firmware Update?

Crucial Mx500 Driver Update

To download the M3CR022 firmware, head on to the SSD support/firmware page on Crucial’s website and select MX500 from the drop down menu. The download size is only 12MB.