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  • Feb 26, 2018 This wikiHow teaches you how to download a video playlist from YouTube to your iPhone or iPad, and watch all of this playlist's videos without an internet connection. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad. The YouTube app looks like.
  • Music downloads for iPhone are not limited in the Freemake app; you can download music to iPhone from time to time and repeat steps 2 - 5. Choose your favorite music genre and download all fresh tracks with Freemake software, the best iPhone music download freeware! Enjoy free music downloads and popular songs on your iPhone 4 - X!
  • How to Download Music from YouTube on Your iPhone with YouTube Premium. By Leanne Hays Tue,.

To use your new workflow, you just tap the share arrow in Safari whenever you’re viewing a video you want to convert. Then tap the Workflow icon, and choose your Download YouTube MP3 action from.

Method #1 – How to Get Free Music on iPhone from iTunes

Of course, the most common way to get music from your computer onto your iPhone is using iTunes, but as you know, buying the music from iTunes can be expensive, and accordingly, to Apple terms and conditions, you’ll never actually own the music, meaning they can revoke the license at any time.

However, there are many ways you can get the music for free. No matter what your source of music, whether you’ve downloaded online, ripped it off a CD or borrowed a USB stick full of tunes from a friend, here’s how to use iTunes to get it onto your device.

Step #1 - Finding Your Music

Firstly, you’ll need to go to either your Mac or Windows computer and locate the music files that you want to put onto your device. This will be wherever you have saved them before.

Step #2 - Setting Your Device

Connect your iOS device to your computer using a lightening or USB cable and then open iTunes. Your device should be recognised by the iTunes software. If this is the first time you’re connecting your device, you’ll need to accept the ‘Trusted Computers’ notification that will come up on your device.

Also, make sure you’re using the most recent version of iTunes.

Step #3 - Adding Your Music to iTunes

Next, open your window that has the music files you want to transfer. Simply highlight the tracks you want and drag them into the iTunes window. This will import the tracks into iTunes.

Step #4 - How To Get Free Music On iPhone

Finally, sync your iPhone or iPad using your traditional method. You can simply click on your device in the left-hand menu on iTunes and then choose to sync your music. This will transfer the files to your device, and you’ll be ready to rock!

YouTube is one of the most used online platforms in the world where you can find millions of music videos. The question of how to download music from YouTube is a very frequent one since the answer to it is not obvious at all.

Most musicians, composers, and groups have their own YouTube channels and post their music videos and live performances for everyone to watch. Also, you can find hundreds of cover versions of songs from talented artists.

But what happens if you want to listen to music offline and download music from YouTube? For example, maybe you want to upload music to your iPod or smartphone so you can listen to it in your car? You can of course use music subscription services like Spotify. However, it is possible to download YouTube music directly! In the below guide we take a look at four different methods so you are not limited to listening to music directly on YouTube – Enjoy!

1. Download Music from YouTube with YouTube Music Premium

YouTube is a free to use platform. You can watch videos for free – the caveat is that whilst you are watching videos, you may see adverts. This is how the platform makes money. Admittedly, these advertisements can be irritating, especially if you want to listen to a music playlist.

There is a simple way you can avoid this – by subscribing to YouTube Premium, or YouTube Music Premium. These are paid-for services that essentially remove advertising from your videos. This means you can watch entire music playlists without interruption – perfect!

YouTube Music Premium is currently $9.99 per month. This may seem like a hefty charge, but it does compare to other services like Spotify. Also, an interesting point is if you have a premium subscription, you can download music from YouTube and listen to offline! It will download the track or playlist as an MP3 file which you can then listen to anytime you wish. We also like that you can download single tracks, or entire playlists – this gives you great creativity and control over what music you listen too.

2. How to Download Music from YouTube to Computer Using Software

There is a variety of software that you can install that acts as a download manager and help you download music from YouTube. One excellent example is 4K Download – this is a downloading program that is used by millions of people worldwide It is free to use, and you can download YouTube audio along with the videos in full 4K HD or other resolutions like 1080p.

Can I Download Songs From Youtube To My Iphone

Also, once the video was downloaded, you can choose to extract audio from it. Once the parsing has completed, there should be a drop-down box with either “download video”, or “extract audio”. If you use the extract audio feature, you can then choose a file format, and quality for the audio file. You can also choose the location the file saves too.


This is an incredibly effective way to download music from YouTube. Also, it has a batch processing feature so you can download and then extract multiple music tracks at once. 4K Download is one of the better options available and a reliable service.

3. How to Download Music from YouTube to Android or iPhone

If you do not have access to a desktop computer or MAC, there is still a way to download music from YouTube to your smartphone! There is a range of apps that you can download in the Play Store or Apple Store for free like TubeMate.

TubeMate is a popular app that allows you to download audio from YouTube directly to your phone. The app is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that you will quickly understand. Also, the files you download can either be saved to your phone memory, or an SD card.

4. How to download music from YouTube using online service

Aside from software, there is a large range of websites that can help you to download music from YouTube. Please be aware that a large majority of these websites are fake and some may even contain malicious content. Take immense care when using such a website in a browser of your choice. For example, we advise checking reviews of the service and always using antivirus software that has web blocker tools installed.

One of the reputable services that can download songs from YouTube is YouTube to MP3 Converter. This is a fast and effective website and gives you great results within seconds. First, you must open the desired music video or playlist on YouTube. Next, copy the URL from the address bar. After this, open the website and paste the website address in the box at the top and press go.

Can I Download Songs From Youtube To My Iphone

The conversion process will start, and you will be able to download music from YouTube. You can select from a range of different file types including MP3 and MP4. This service is free to use and it is a quick way to download the occasional track from YouTube.

5. Record YouTube audio with Icecream Screen Recorder

It’s not an obvious way, but you can play a video and record its audio part with an audio recorder of your choice. Icecream Screen Recorder is an excellent tool for that. Launch YouTube video and click the “Capture audio” button to start the recording. You can pause it and resume in case the commercials pop-up in the video. The recorded audio file is saved in MP3 format. This method is an easy and secure way to convert YouTube to MP3 for free.

Always check the terms and conditions and use common sense!

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can download YouTube music! You can use these tools and services to create playlists and even turn them into CDs. Alternatively, once you have the MP3 files, you can upload them to a device like an iPod or smartphone and then listen to them wherever you wish without using internet data!

Free Mp3 Download Songs From Youtube


Whenever you use services like this, it is important to read the terms and conditions. YouTube does have a term of service and you should always try to adhere to them if possible. Also, always consider fair usage when downloading music. Generally, downloading music for personal usage is not frowned upon, but you should never seek to re-distribute the music and profit from it!

Can I Download Songs From Youtube To My Iphone

Can I Download Songs From Youtube To My Iphone Without

We hope you have found this guide useful! If you have any favorite music you love to listen to, why not drop a comment and let us know below!

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